“Branches”, an exciting new non-denominational church located in the outskirts of Mukwonago is made up of a group of individuals who worship together and share a common interest in knowing our Lord and serving Him in tangible ways in our surrounding communities.

If you are just curious about us, or if you feel like you are sometimes out on a limb in your everyday life, you aren’t alone.  Come visit us at Branches – you will fit right in!

Our Lord provides us all with special gifts and abilities.  When we pool them together we can do amazing things.  Whether you already know what some of your gifts are or you just want to figure that out……join us!!

“We are the branches – He is the vine.”  Thank you for visiting our site – we look forward to seeing you in our casual setting soon.

Sunday Worship Time 10 :30 A.M.

Who are we?

Branches Church