Vision Statement

Branches Church

Vision Statement

As Pastor of “Branches”, I have the privilege of sharing with you that we are a warm and friendly new church consisting of average everyday people who share a common desire to be part of a church family that is both non-judgmental and caring.  Individuals matter, and caring occurs as we walk through life’s ups and downs together.

We delight in welcoming visitors with warm open arms.  We are a “safe place” church for those who struggle and for those who just want a comfortable relaxed place to worship.  We care about each person who comes through our doors.  

Together we look at the Word of God as we share His teachings on Sunday morning and explore how we can live our lives in ways that honor and serve Him.  Being a church that is attempting to live our faith is our priority and to that end, we search for opportunities to serve both here at Branches and out in our surrounding communities.  Growing together is an important step that allows each of us to flourish in a way that makes us feel comfortable in our walk.

We seek to follow Jesus.  We know that the Holy Spirit is at work in each of our lives and that as we grow in our relationship with God, we will find a sense of peace that allows us to serve right here within our church body, in our community and around the world.

Walking with Him,
Rev. Karen Scheel

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Sunday Worship Time 10 :30 A.M.